Japanese Notes – how to express a position in Japanese?

こんばんは! Japanese night again! If you are new to Tivamoo.com (welcome!😘), every Tuesday you can find Japanese notes on the blog – you can find all content so far on ‘Japanese Notes!’ category above~👆👆

Today’s class is going to be on positions. Here we go – vocabulary first:

  • On: うえ
  • Under: した
  • In front of: まえ
  • Behind: うしろ
  • Right: みぎ
  • Left: ひだり
  • In: なか
  • Outside: そと
  • Next to: となり
  • Close to: ちかく
  • Between: あいだ

Well that’s a lot of words. But that’s why I love about going to class. A lot of them I kind of know for a while through the dramas, but can never speak them fluently. 🙁😫By saying it out and practising in the classroom it greatly helped me remember all the words. 🦀🐚

So you can describe the position in below expressions:

  • On the desk – 机の上 (に)
  • In the room – 部屋の中 (に)
  • Between Jax and Maple – JaxとMapleの間 (に)🐕🐩

Hope it all makes sense.❤️ Also if you want to use the position as adjective, i.e. to describe ‘the book on the right’, you can use ‘の’ to connect, i.e. 右の本. But to say right hand or right foot, you don’t need ‘の’; 右手 or 右足 can do. Same applies to left of course. You guys are smart boys and girls; you know what I mean.😂😆


This is the picture from my safari trip in Melbourne. Check out the video here and say hello to those giraffes and hippos at safari!


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