A lie of ‘I don’t have time’ ⛄️

I came up with this thought yesterday; I mean I always know it but yesterday made it structured and noted it down.😇🍡

Firstly the formula works like this

  • Time in a day = limited
  • Things to do = unlimited
  • Hence (unfortunately) time is always less than things you want to do💔

Then…don’t you feel comment like ‘I don’t have time to do it‘ is a big paradox?! People never have time to do everything (because of above) but will always have time to do something! 🍉🍇🍋🍐 It’s up to individuals to define those ‘something‘. In other words, it’s never about how much time we’ve got; it’s always about what choice we have made. If people say ‘I don’t have time to go to gym’, it simply means they choose to spend their time on other things rather than going to gym.

So be smart, be fair and be responsible with everyone’s time please. Make choice wisely please, and read Tivamoo (OK that’s totally irrelevant 😅😜😙).

Hope it all make sense guys!🖖


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