Japanese Notes – how to say ‘why’ and ‘because’ in Japanese?

Happy Tuesday guys! I actually have taken sick leave today due to gastro infection (I vomited last night 😡😰😭) but think I will still update my Japanese blog.

Here we go. This week’s content is really easy. We learned how to say ‘Why…?‘, and answer ‘Because….‘.

  • Why – どうして….ですか。
  • Because – …から。


  • Q: どうしてMapleγ‘γ‚ƒγ‚“γ―δ»Šζ—₯ιŠγ³γΎγ›γ‚“γ§γ—γŸγ‹γ€‚(Why didn’t Maple play today?)
  • A: 倩気はζ‚ͺγ‹γ£γŸγ§γ™γ‹γ‚‰γ€‚(Because the weather was bad.)


Now with my very limited knowledge here, I have learned 3 ways to speak ‘Why’ (mainly from all the Japanese dramas I watched 🐸😝). They are: γͺぜ/ γͺんで/ どうして. Apparently they all mean ‘why’ so in my example above, those 3 words are interchangeable.Β I have heard the first 2 more often in the dramas (so maybe they are more casual). Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment if I am wrong.πŸ¦‹


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  • Fri – (optional) random ideas
  • Sun – weekly life+food awesomeness in Australia; check out my last video on Takoyaki here.

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