Ramen lover Tivamoo’s birthday noodle @ Melb CBD!

June is really my fav month of the year even though it’s freezing cold in Melbourne (and always raining in Shanghai). The reason being – it’s my birthday month! 🎁 So this week’s video will be around – Tivamoo’s birthday noodle @ Little Ramen Bar (check website here).

Video length – 1:53s. Please check and support my channel~πŸ™†

Why noodle? Well it’s just a Chinese tradition to have noodles on the birthday. πŸ˜…

Why Little Ramen Bar? I love this ramen place. It’s easiry accessible in CBD and has very satisfying food. Keep reading to find out what we had for that day.🍜

Foodies: Jax and Tivamoo (Jax just had his birthday one week ago)

  • TanTan Noodle – $15.90
  • Special Miso Ramen – 14.90
  • Gyoza – $6.90

Price wise it’s definitely not the cheapest Japanese food in the town. Saying that though these days they are all around this price.

TanTan noodle is a must try on the menu and Mr. Apple said so too. The only visible ingredients in there is mince so I was a bit disappointed when it first came (in the end it costs almost $16 for some noodle and mince?!). But as soon as you start eating, the taste is… so creamy, spicy and sensational <3! Jax finished the whole bowl in no time and said he would come back for it again!


Special Miso Ramen is what I ordered. It’s actually a mis-order as I wanted ‘spicy miso’ rather than ‘special’. BUT! I would rate it as the most ‘value for money’ option! In the bowl I have Chachu, corn, soft boiled egg (yum!), bamboo shoot, spring onion, seaweed, and a small butter (which I removed anyway). That’s almost like a hotpot!! The soup was so delicious that I even dipped my Gyoza into the soup.


I am not sure if it’s because of my birthday but even gyoza tasted good that day. The wrap was very thin and soft and the taste went very well with my noodle soup. Actually If I ever try gyoza again, I won’t dip it with soy source; I will dip it with the noodle soup!

Anyway that’s my birthday noodle experience. What would you have for your birthday?🎈 Share it with me in the comment and please like/ follow my blog if you enjoy the content!

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