Shhh – meeting room hacks! Stay sober and comfortable in any meeting – Tivamoo version

(Cough…) today I will talk about some small tricks to keep awake during meetings🙃. With all respects to the meetings, I definitely recommend that the first and best option is always to concentrate and get the most out of them🍒.

However unfortunately there can be boring and lengthy meetings (come on you know what I am talking about🌧) which you have to attend and have to stay awake☹️. In that case…

First of all get a good spot. I mean you probably don’t want to sit right in middle of the room so that the host can easily see you – all the time. At least for me it’s quite stressful! Be careful that these days with all virtual workplace facilities there are cameras in meeting rooms so avoid those too.🙈

Once you settle down in a hidden spot, start making notes – you can either really write down what the speaker said (good job!😝), or just draw/ scribble any thoughts. It’s nothing wrong with drawing as it fits for the purpose of keep you actively engaged!

If you run out of options or have to sit in the most obvious seat (sad😅), then stay focused by physically ‘refreshing’ yourself. I mean – drink some cold water? Step on your own foot (without breaking your toes💔)? Get out for a walk (and pretend going to toilet)? They might sound stupid but better than falling asleep in middle of the room?

With above 3 techniques, I managed to survive a meeting of 5 hours recently. BTW there are 2 things you might want to avoid doing –

  1. don’t wear anything too eye catching. I mean you don’t want to like a highlight pen 🐠so that host or your manager can easily notice whatever you are up to…
  2. don’t play mobile phone📴, esp. games (like candy crushes etc). It’s essentially a business meeting so don’t go too far. Actually try to stay way from mobile phone as it easily gives assumption that you are not listening.

As I said, above tips can easily help you survive a meeting of a couple of hours. What’s your experience and hacks on meetings? Leave it in comment and I’d love to hear from you!


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