Japanese Notes – latest drama I watched: World Uncanny Stories/ 世にも奇妙な物语

Today is our weekly Japanese notes time 🦉. As it was Queen’s birthday yesterday the Japanese class actually didn’t happen, but as a very self motivated learner (hehehe👏) I kept watching some Japanese dramas.

uncanny title.jpg

Drama this week – 世にも奇妙な物语/ World Uncanny Story (so here it’s a な adjective😉). Each episode is consisted of 5 small stories, each running for ~ 20 mins. One story (name: 厭な扉/ disliked door) I watched goes:

A poor guy wanted to kill himself and an old man stopped him. The old man gave him a invitation (招待状) and said

Here is the invitation to the endless happiness (永遠の幸福).💚

On the next day the poor guy went to that hotel room on the invitation, and the old man was waiting there and said, here is the way to get endless happiness:

Open the door there and there is a gun on the table. Wait in the room and kill the man coming into the room in the morning + get this money 💰(かなりの金額の金). You will be successful since then. BUT come back on the same day next year with the same amount of money. What happens in this room doesn’t exist. (事件は存在しない。👮)

So the poor guy followed the instruction and killed the man + took money + started making his fortune. He became very successful and a year passed (そして1年がたった。) He came back to the hotel with money on the agreed day (約束の日) next year🗝. When he opened the door…

He was killed by himself from a year go 😰😱😨😵 and he remembered (思い出した) – it’s the 165th time he went through this ‘endless happiness’ loop.

List of words:

  • 招待状 (しょうたいじょう) – invitation
  • 永遠の幸福 (えいえんのこうふく) forever happiness
  • かなりの金額の金 (かなりのきんがくのかね) – considerable amount of money
  • 事件は存在しない (じけんはそんざいしない) – the incident doesn’t exist.
  • そして1年がたった。- A year passed.
  • 約束の日 (やくそくのひ) – the agreed/ promised day.
  • 思い出した (おもいだした) – remembered


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