Sydney Vivid 2017

Hi everyone it’s Sunday again, which means it’s Tivamoo’s channel update day🌹! If you are new to my channel (please click here) I have weekly uploads on things to do/ eat in Australia – in a video of 2-ish mins.

Topic for this week: Sydney Vivid!

First…. what is Vivid?

Vivid runs every year in Sydney (since I was aware of it) for around 3 weeks time. This year it’s 26 May – 17 June. Durning Vivid there are different artworks with light effects around the city and even the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are lit up (so it’s quite massive event). Check the official website here.

It’s the second year that I have been to Vivid so needless to say, I quite enjoy it. Here are some of my recommendations and thoughts on it.😇

As you can imagine, there were a lot of people – kids, teenagers, couples, volunteers, police, tourists and even dogs…🙀 Basically at the Circular Quay in order to take pictures I had to hold the camera really high; otherwise there was nothing in picture but heads (well by holding it high I still got heads but only the top half….. 🎃). So Tivamoo’s recommendation #1 – if you can, take a ferry. You can avoid the crowds and see the view from the sea. I did it last year (didn’t have time this year) and it was epic. The only hassle is that you need to check timetable + it’s really cold on the water.


If you are like me – just want to spend a night there and get the feeling? No worries. Walking is absolutely still fun. You might want to download Vivid App and check out schedule of different activities (Tivamoo’s recommendation #2). For example in my video that there were fireworks at the Darling Harbour; apparently fireworks only happened every night at 8 so I was just lucky to be around🤘. Also some activities didn’t start till the second week or requires tickets. So check the app before you go!

All in all it’s a very colourful festival!💖 There are a lot of interactions at the Rocks and the Circular Quay (esp the Botanical garden). You can touch and play with some light effects. If time is limited definitely go to those 2 places and you should be able to cover most of the fun – Tivamoo’s recommendation #3. It will take the whole evening to finish both places though.

Is there anything similar in your city? If yes please leave a comment below and I’d love to hear from you! ⭐️

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