Make your own KitKat!

Since I moved back to Melbourne in April I have noticed that they opened a new KitKat shop at Melbourne Central. The shop is pretty cool with the made to order facilities and you can watch the chef make the chocolate you ordered.πŸ˜™

So I tried it out this week.

Steps (I highlighted my choice in pink):

  • Start => accept the note that it takes 3 hours to make chocolate.
  • Choose a chocolate – milk white, milk dark or dark.
  • Choose 3 ingredients from 15 – caramel fudge/ caramelised meringue/ caramelised popcorn/ crushed cocoa cookie/ peppermint cracknel/ pretzels/ raspberries/ roasted almonds/ toasted coconut/ pistachios/ chocolate fudge/ salted potato crisps/ feuilletine / pecan/ popping candy/ currants… this actually took me a while to decideπŸ˜….
  • Choose a background for the package.
  • Choose a name for the chocolate to be printed on the package – Β A real heartbreaker/ decadent/ delectable/ enviable/ extravagant/ good fortune/ handcrafted/ happy & prosperous/ just so amazing/ light filled/ mouth watering/ one of a kind/ outdoorsy/ phenomenal/ rather dashing/ scrumptious/ unexpected/ wonderful witty. This took me even longer as the fonts were so confusing for me😜!
  • Type in your name.
  • Review and pay🍫! Cost = $15 AUD.

I actually looked at them making my KitKat… it’s quite satisfying to see the waffle bar immersing into the chocolate🐾. Check it in my video pls and you will know!

From the appearance side, I am really happy with my choice as the colours go very well with each other and the raspberries look like small roses🌹. From taste side, the caramel made the KitKat a bit sticky so I might want to try something different next time. But overall it cannot go too wrong with chocolate, right? The whole bar is gone already by the time I write this blog!😘

What’s your choice of KitKat if you make your own? Leave your ideas below please and help me to make my next one!


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