Kangaroo Valley! Travel ideas for Sydney travellers…

Time again for my weekly Vlog! 😹 I came up with some intro for my video like ‘Hi guys it’s Tivamoo here. My channel gives idea on what to do and where to eat in Australia’. Let me know how you like this intro and if there is any recommendation to improve it! 😽😽

Went to Kangaroo Valley yesterday. If you expect to see me playing with/ feeding kangaroos in the video, you will probably be disappointed. Saying that though – the place is still amazing with lots of unique stuff. ⛺️🦆☀️🌿And if you are really keen to see kangaroos – find them at the end of the video.

3 places we visited at the valley:

  • Fitzroy Falls. It’s literally on the way to the valley. Parking costs $4 for a day while the fall is only 300m from the entrance😇. As long as you have the right expectation (i.e. you don’t expect something as spectacular as the Victoria Falls😶), it’s still a nice walk + nice view after a long drive.


  • Bendeela. This is absolutely the highlight of the day. It’s a camping site by the ‘Kangaroo River’ with lots of wild wombats and ducks (but no kangaroos). Nevertheless wombats are so close to human actually ignore the existence of human. On the opposite side the ducks got scared off easily and I spent 10 mins just scaring off different groups of ducks…🤗🤡
  • Town center. We went there to see the famous bridge and had our lunch there. It’s a very colorful town in autumn – lots of nice gardens around shops.


Then lastly on our way back, we finally spotted the kangaroos! Phew~~💖 at least I don’t have to tell people that I went to the Kangaroo Valley but saw no kangaroos…😸


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