Things to do on a plane – Tivamoo version

Ever since my last blog on flight tickets I have made another 2 trips 😱(so it’s 4 flights) between Melbourne and Sydney. Surely they are very short flights but flying with no food or entertainment can still kill (mentally).

So at my 4th flight (which was yesterday) I decided to write a blog on how to spend time on short flights. It’s just my preference – they might not be productive or entertaining, but works for me.

Top on the list:

  • clean up pictures (videos) in my phone. I have more than 2000 pictures in my phone and some of them are just screenshots or duplicates.🐷 So I love spending the time in air deleting the unwanted ones and free up space/ easier to sort later.
  • play offline games. Unfortunately as much as I despise Candy Crush🙃, I play it on the plane. It’s just the easily way to kill time.
  • sleep. I know it’s not good for the neck but I will still sleep on the plane😅. That’s why I will always ask for a window seat, if I am offered to choose a seat.
  • clean up my mailbox. Having 2000 unread Emails in my personal mailbox and 300 in my work mails box is a bit pain (apparently I am well organised😹😹). Most of them are promotions or notifications. It’s just easy to delete them when I don’t have anything else to do.

As you might be able to tell, I love the tasks requires least intelligent effort on the plane. Maybe my brains are not working well at high places (maybe that’s why my project stuffed up more when we moved to lv 34🙀). There are common stuff people do but I don’t bother doing, for example:

  • listen to music. It’s quite noisy in the plane just from the engine itself. So I don’t like listening to music there because it might hurt my ear.
  • read a book. Well…. it’s not bright enough to read a book I think. Plus it’s too much thinking involved. Plus I don’t like people look at what I am looking at. Plus it’s too much trouble to bring a book. Plus it’s expensive to purchase on at the airport.
  • write/ draw something. Again don’t enjoy people watching me writing stuff🙈🙈🙈. Maybe I am overthinking it and my neighbour doesn’t care at all, but I just find it embarrassing.

All in all my flight goes just over 1 hour. I think even I just look out and count the clouds I can survive. What’s your hacks on the plane㊙️? Please leave it in a comment and I’ve love to know it!


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