Japanese study note – words from the latest drama I watched

Japanese time again!

Unfortunately the adjective chapter took much longer time than I expected😿, and I have shared everything we learned so far in my last blog on adjectives… so this week I am struggling to share new notes (as nothing new came up👾👾👾).

So I think maybe today I will share a Japanese drama I watched recently.

Emergency Interrogation Room


If you are new to Japanese drama, it’s just one of those many dramas about police and criminal👮‍♀️. It all happens in a interrogation room and is about how they make the criminal to confess by talking to them + some evidence.

I have finished season 1 at the moment🙃. There are 2 things I love about this drama – firstly it’s short. Season 1 has only 9 episodes and each story is independent apart from that last 3. Secondly it’s very satisfying as in many episodes I managed to figure out the plot during the interrogation🌟… it’s making so much more sense than some dramas which the criminal turns out to be some random people in the last 2 mins😂.

The version I watched is Japanese speaking (so original sound track) + Chinese/ Japanese subtitles. If you plan to learn Japanese like me, always watch the original version even though you cannot understand all conversations. This helps me to pick up useful phrases and the scenarios to used them💮. Some of those language can be very hard to be explained in dictionary. For example,

  • おちつき – calm (this is easy to understand but it happens so frequently that I just remembered it)
  • いいかげんにする – used to express that ‘stop it as you’ve gone too far away’.
  • りっぱなにんげん – used to describe someone to be really good (in a respectful way)
  • わざわざ – used to describe someone put extra efforts to do something they don’t have to.

いしょう (以上, used to indicate that’s the end of the report/ article)

Hope that’s helpful. What’s your most impressive words from a Japanese drama if you have watched any? Please leave them in the comment! 😽

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