Must do for animal lovers – Melbourne Zoo trip!

This weekend I went to the Melbourne Zoo. Now I cannot say ‘find more in my video’ as in my video I just said ‘find more in my blog’🦊… but please do have a look at the video as it’s a nice and short and fun summary of the day.

Video length – 1:50s. Please check and support my channel!πŸ™ƒ

Melbourne has successfully made its zoo easily accessible by all the transportation, namely train, tram, bus or car, and cut off the excuse of not going to there πŸ˜‚.  The details of the transportation can be found here. The parking costs $2 for 5 hours; we arrived at 12PM and there were still plenty of spaces.

One of the right decision here is that I arrived at the eating time for most of the animals, so they were very active (maybe because I was like a meal in their eyesπŸ™ˆ). Then in the afternoon, most of the animals started sleeping after lunch. So if you plan to go, go in the morning.

Overall it’s a very pleasant experience in the zooπŸ―πŸ¦πŸ¦ŠπŸ»πŸ΅πŸΈπŸ¦„(ok the last one doesn’t exist). The Melbourne Zoo

  • has a good range of animals; some of them I’ve never seen before, so it’s definitely not just kangaroo and koala🐨. It has a lot of stuff which I don’t even know the name.
  • is very interactive. There is a keeper’s talk where you can interact with keepers. It also has an Indonesia village (which looks quite authentic) at where the tiger and elephant are.
  • promotes the idea for environment protection a lot. You can see the program like using recycled paper or mobile phone recycling a lot of places in the zoo. There might be other programs too but I forgotπŸ₯…

Those are all some of the lovely animals in the zoo – the last tip of the day: a good camera makes a lot of difference 😘.


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