A coffee name project

Ever since I started my little project of coffee name, it has gone extremely well and got very much supported. 😂 Keep reading if you want to share the fun.

How did it start

With my very humble Chinese name which happens to be too precious for me, I don’t really bother giving myself an English name. This becomes just a little bit 🙃 a problem especially when I order coffee, that I can end up with anything but my name. So rather than confusing the staff, I decide to give myself a coffee name. And to make it more fun, I further decide that I will be a different person every day 👩‍🍳 👩‍🎤 👩‍🎓 👩‍💻 👩‍🔧.

How did it go

This week I used 3 names – Anna, Amanda and Antonia. By accident they all start with A. The first name Anna came from nowhere; I was a bit uncomfortable and awkward when claiming myself to be Anna on Tue. Then I received a couple of Emails addressing Anna after I shared the story in the office… hmmm thanks Anna – for the coffee and for doing my work😽.

Then on Thu I was chatting Amanda, who nicely offered me her name; and with Tue’s experience, I had less problem in calling myself Amanda👻. So I ruthlessly drank this coffee for Amanda and received my next mission from Antonia (さん)😇.

So today I tried ‘Antonia’ – because apparently the cafe staff in Sydney struggle to get this name right (let alone to get mine right😂). The test shows that cafe staff in Melbourne has better skills with people’s name. They even have got the spelling right without asking me to spell it out (which I might not be able to do it straight away)👏!

Next steps

I’ve got some more requests lining up – they are: Michelle (which is a female version of Mitch), Joanne (is that a female version of John?), and Adam (well I am not too sure about this one…😟). Afterwards I might find my best coffee name and stick to it.

My gut feeling is that I will finally pick up some totally random name in the end; it’s just something typical Tivamoo will do. Actually maybe Tiva is a good name; the ‘moo’ thing might freak people out a bit though so I will nicely drop it🙈.


5 thoughts on “A coffee name project

  1. Jax says:

    It is really fun. I was Jason today to the counter girl. However the one who made the coffee in the end called: Jax! your latte is ready….- –


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