Japanese adjectives – a proper note from yes to no!

A while ago I made a post of Japanese adjectives when I was learning it by myself. It still makes perfect sense but now that I start writing proper Japanese notes, here is a formal one with fundamental rules for Japanese adjectives.

2 types of adjectives: い adjective and な adjective. For い adjective い comes as part of word, but for な it’s not part of the word unless there is a noun following. For example かわいい vs ひま, the な of ひま only shows up when it’s followed by a noun. This is elaborated in my previous blog.

There is no rule for which adjectives are い or な. I find the methodology in the classroom is quite effective for remembering. The teacher has some pictures and we will need to form the phrase with adjective + noun from the picture. (So it’s nothing but speaking out + repetitive practice😂..) Boring as it might sound, it works. I can instantly reply ~20 adjectives by end of the class.

Negative: い ->くない and な->じゃありません. Again it all comes down to practice😬 – the more you speak, the better you can bring it up naturally.

Question: どう or どんな. My first impression ❌ is that when there is a noun following use どんな, and otherwise use どう… but apparently it’s not only that. The teacher said

  • どう is asking for opinion = how is…?
  • どんな is asking for (new) information = what kind of…?

It kind of make sense… very subtle though. 😇



8 thoughts on “Japanese adjectives – a proper note from yes to no!

  1. Cat says:

    Good post about this, Tae Kim explains adjectives with lots of examples too, if you ever feel like you are unsure or need a memory jog. His website his free, and his grammar book (free on his website) is considered as one of the best about the subject 👌
    Keep making more posts about this, you’re doing great and the UFO is real cute with that rainbow 👏👏🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    • tivamoo says:

      Thanks! I will check out the website (and share it with my friends if it’s good). I have weekly Japanese notes so you are more than welcomed to give feedback!😽


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