What do we eat in Yum Cha?

In light of my ‘eating-too-much’ week and the plan of ‘start to diet next week’, I went to Yum Cha this morning… you know, like the last feast before my disciplined life… 😹

Restaurant: Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant

Overall it’s a really satisfying meal. If you are new to Yum Cha, keep reading or check my video and I will introduce some most popular dishes!

We ordered 7 dishes today and the size of them were… like huge. I’ve been to a lot of Yum Cha’s in Sydney and size wise all of them were literally around 1.5 times larger here! I don’t know if we Melbourians are just more friendly👻?! We skipped our lunch and dinner after this. 🎃 So tip: dumplings are really filling, so go with family and friends so that you can order more.


Details of the dishes are listed below. All I ordered were steamed dishes.

蝦餃 – prawn dumplings – made of meat and prawn, best go with vinegar.P1011111.JPG

蒸排骨 – steamed ribs – note you need to spit the bones from this dish (unless you want to swallow them, and it’s supposed to be a joke so please don’t do so!😜)


皮蛋瘦肉粥 – pork and century egg congee – I love this one a lot (love the century egg😍). Other congee options are fish, beef or… insides (which I don’t eat😬)…


腸粉 – rice rolls – again it comes in prawn, beef or plain. I didn’t order the plain one as I feel it’s just like I am eating rice with soy source…


帶子餃 – scallop dumplings – first time try this. Honestly I was already really full when ordered this so couldn’t remember how it tasted😅… sorry…


燒賣 – shu mai (siu mai) – apparently this one is so popular that instead of pork dumpling🐽, it has its name in English.


鳳爪 – chicken feet – this is my all-time favourite; you can say it’s creepy to eat feet or it’s not hygienic but I still love them!


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