How to say give and receive in Japanese?

Last week we learned how to say give and receive in Japanese… I meant to write this earlier but because I have so much awesomeness to share (hehehe😼), I only got time to write it now.

So – how to say give/ receive in Japanese?

It’s a very interesting one – there are 3 words, depending on whether the recipient is ‘I’ or ‘the rest of the world’.

  • あげます – give (to anyone else other than me)
  • もらいます – receive
  • くれます – give (to me)

In practice, the prepositions here are に (or から) and を. Say the dog, the cat and me (Tivamoo) are passing on love ♥️ to each other. We can say:

  • いぬはねこに♥️をあげます。
  • ねこはいぬに/ から♥️をもらいます。 
  • ねこはわたしに♥️をくれます。

I was wondering what’s so special with people giving things to me. There is no official answer for it but the closest one making sense (to my simple mind🎃) is that ‘くれます’ implies gratitude and hence is used when someone gives ‘me’ stuff.

Anyway that’s what we learned last week. I will keep up and post weekly notes from my class; so the blog will now have three main areas: Vlog, Japanese and some of my random crazy thoughts! 😽😽😽


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