Flight ticket – am I paying less or more?

Last month on the way back from New Zealand (check out my New Zealand experience here), we’ve bought tickets for ‘seats only’ from New Zealand Airways. The tickets were very good deal, but as the name indicates, they didn’t include luggage, entertainment and meal.


This actually inspired some interesting thinking in me… am I really paying less, or paying more for the service I receive?

For example: say, the ticket = seat + luggage + staff service + meal + entertainment + drinks = 250 + 40 + 30 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 350 AUD. The airline may sell a ‘seat only’ for 280 AUD, which sounds like a good deal against the original price of 350 AUD. However, if I look at the actual cost, I am paying 30 AUD more than what I paid before.

Moreover, luggage at airport can charge me 45 AUD, with a meal at the price of 15 AUD and entertainment at another 15 AUD. Note that the individual price is 5 AUD more expensive than the packed price. So if lucky, the airline can make at least 30 + 15 = 45 AUD more profits than the old way of selling.

What’s even better is that, when I search the flight, I will order by price (as many people else), the ‘seemingly’ lower price always stands a better chance to show up and to be picked up too. So people actually paying less by paying more here.

Now the whole thing sounds like a big conspiracy… LOL I guess for me, paying 280 AUD is still a win and I just shouldn’t think too much on it!

This is the beautiful New Zealand, just in case you missed my last video… I am so considerate!


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