New Japanese class started!

Now that I am in Melbourne at the moment I have resumed my Japanese study here, and this Monday had my first class.😇  Although I am doing the class with the same school, surprisingly the experience is very different.

My first impression is that apparently learning Japanese is more popular in Melbourne. When I was asked to pick a class, I was told that some classes are full so they cannot get me in… this reminded me that two months back in Sydney we were told unless we could get one more person into the class, they would need to dismiss our session! @#$^&*@#

The session I took: Monday evening class @ 6:40 – 8:00.

Saying that though, in Sydney our class has a good variety of students – we’ve got a few local people around which really makes the class more interactive and engaged (so thank you Antonia, Elise and Shae!😗). I enjoyed that part a lot! 🤗  In Melbourne 6 out of 6 students are Chinese… with full respect but this fact makes the class more like a ‘teaching session’ rather than an ‘interactive learning session’. All I remember is that by end of the class I kept repeating the same grammar structure.🤓 😕 😣  Well it’s not necessarily a bad thing because I still learned how to use あげます and もらいます, but I’d love to talk more about culture and life in Japan too! BTW I know in my previous blog my recommendation was to do a private session, but I just betrayed myself and proved I was right that time.

Even the textbook they use are different. That actually hurts me as I have to spend another $55 to buy a new book. 🙀 🙀 🙀  The good news (so there IS a bright side) is this new book is much better than the old one, primarily because the new one starts with Hiragana straight away whilst the old one uses Romaji in the first 10 lessons, which is really unhelpful if you want to master writing and pronunciation properly.

This is the new text book I am using now. It’s a really good one.


So… of course the blog is not about which city has a better Japanese class. However there are some best practices to make sure you get most out of the Japanese class. My recommendation would be 1) use book start with Hiragana, and 2) do a lot interactions with the teacher, and if you are not sure whether your classmates can help you, 3) just do private class!

Happy Japanese Learning!💖


5 thoughts on “New Japanese class started!

  1. Luke John Hancox says:

    I remember, when I was learning some Japanese, that I received the same advice: use only Hiragana, as soon as possible! Long term, Romanji doesn’t help… Keep up the good work! Happy, happy day.


  2. TwoHappyCats says:

    Oh my gosh I’m actually going to the same school as you but the Melbourne one! Haha I was so sad to buy the new book too cause i had bought the Genki textbook a month beforehand >_<!


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