Jervis Bay

Hehehhe I know this is the next blog next to my cooling water thing but I haven’t done the experiment yet…😢

Saying that though I went to Jervis Bay over weekend which is like 3 hours drive from Sydney. It’s again a long drive but short trip as my other travels (sounds like I am not very economical(οΏ£^οΏ£)γ‚ž), but it does pay off to see great beaches with crystal clear water and whitest sand in the world (well it would have paid off more if I had stayed longer….😹)


Saturday Night:

  1. Arrived in Huskkison Bayside Motel (the hotel was not good but it’s cheap.)
  2. Had dinner at Stonegrill. (We got the $35 set and BYO wine. It’s more than enough.)
  3. Then… just went to sleep.

Sunday (fun starts!)

  1. Got up at 5:30 to see the sunrise.
  2. Went to Booderee National Park: historical lighthouse and Murrays beach.
  3. Got to Hymas beach (world’s whitest beach; though don’t know who rated it but everyone says so)
  4. Had breakfast at a cafe.
  5. Went on a cruise. ($65 per person; 2 hours. We saw dozens of dolphins swimming along like escorting our boat. 🐬🐬🐬)
  6. Had lunch at local fish shop (Oysters and prawns)
  7. Back to Sydney (and stopped at Kiama).

Check out my video for the highlights of the day.

All the places I went to above were amazing. More things I’d love to do next time:

Snorkel! Snorkel! Snorkel! πŸ πŸŸπŸ‘πŸ¬πŸ™ As I said the water is so clear as if you can see through. Last week it was around 23 degrees but waters are still warm (maybe because it’s a bay) and it was a big mistake that I didn’t bring swimsuit.

Do camping at Booderee National park. The camping site is really basic as I was told but it’s absolutely closer to nature.

Take the cruise to see sea seals (just because they look so cute!)

It’s now on top of my favourite place in Sydney (though the list does change a lotπŸ™€) and I am even thinking about buying a holiday house there… Yeah, thinking.


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