New Zealand Trip – Lake Taupo

Last week I went to New Zealand – only for 3 days though. Well considering that I live in Australia so it’s only a 3-hour flight so it’s not that luxurious. We picked Auckland which is a relatively cheap destination (compared to south island places like Queenstown).


The place we went is called Rotorua which is famous for its thermal pools. We arrived at around 4PM on Friday afternoon and spent 3 hours to drive to here. The traffic was like a nightmare – mainly because it’s peak hour when everyone tried to run away from city, but also because the fastest route from Google map let us drive through some not very well maintained suburbs rather than going on highway straightaway…

So by the time we arrived at Prince’s Gate Hotel Mr. Apple and I were both very exhausted (even though I didn’t drive hehehe…). Luckily there were free thermal pools at the hotel opens till late. The pools were really restoring and most importantly no one was there so we used them like our private pools.

On the next day we went to Lake Taupo and spent the whole day there. For more information of the lake just check out my video. As I said in the video description, if you describe Australia as well preserved, New Zealand is like untouched nature. (Don’t get me wrong, Australia is still awesome and welcome to Australia LOL).

Some recommendations for the trip:

  • Choose highway on Google map rather than fastest route.
  • Spa and mud treatment did make difference to skin but didn’t worth the money they charged.
  • Most hotels should have free thermal pools. Ask reception and try them.
  • Huka Falls = must go. The falls is very small, but water was so clean as if it came down from glacier directly (maybe it did).
  • Food there were just average. Don’t expect too much.
  • Must try sailing at sunset. It’s the epic of the day.

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