Survival Run

In general I am a very optimistic person and not tend to over concern about things. However these days I started thinking ‘what am I going to do if unfortunately I am involved in an accident’?

Accidents are actually not so far from us – personally I’ve experienced the real evacuation as the floor was suspected to be contaminated, my grandmother’s place was broken into at mid night, and I’ve seen huge glass falling from building and smashed in front of me (almost hit me). Now that I name those things, I really feel lucky and grateful that I am still alive.

There are unfortunately even more risks around us – what if you get hit by a car (one of my friend was hit by a car before😱)? What if you are trapped in lift? What if you are get held hostage (the Lindt cafe attack in Sydney happened only next door to our office)? Maybe we have more foreseeable concerns than those questions, but when those things happens, it can be the worse experience of your life (if not last…(。-_-。))

I think first and foremost, we need to be mindful of the risk and avoid those ourselves. Surely no one will open the door and post ‘welcome burglary’ on the front door; but notes like ‘this property is under surveillance’ or ‘Jax and Maple (they are my dogs) inside’ will certain lower the risk of getting broken in. You know, better safe than sorry.

But most of the times the danger still come in way even if we try to stay away. So does my work. When that happens, the chance of surviving comes to how fast you can be aware of it and how fast you can run away from it. Antelope runs the last gets killed, says Tivamoo. I actually think those things can be improved in daily life; everyone is blessed with that nature and we just need to call it back.

Small changes like don’t put headphone when walking can make some difference. The action itself prevents us from staying aware of surroundings. If I am a reasonable villain I will pick up victims with headphone. They are less likely to know that I am approaching from the back, and if other people warn them they would not hear it. On top of that, exposure to loud music (actually any sound) can harm hearing. So the negative impact can stay much longer. Similarly, don’t play the mobile when walking, wear glasses if you are short sighted, blahblahblah… in short, anything making you less aware of surroundings, get rid of them.

The other thing is that we need to stay strong. Exercising sport is very good as it gives us more flexibility and strength. In the end when something happens, whether you can run to the exit and open that door decides whether you can see tomorrow. Full stop.

For everyone’s benefit we should even have ‘survival drill’ every half year to get ourselves prepared for accidents (good idea!o(≧v≦)o). It should cover how to identify the risk and how to run away from it most effectively, helping us to stay calm during hazards and make right decision.

Being a optimistic person I am also hoping technology can help us here. I was questioning before that why cars don’t have air bag outside and I read this. Volvo is producing the next generation car to product pedestrians. Similarly maybe in future we will have cushions on roads so if it detects people falling off it will come up, or we can have portable shield to protect us from being hurt. Yeah…. everyone will be Captain America then and we can all save ourselves before save the world!


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