My little drawing project

I’ve been thinking that everyday when I buy a coffee (if I buy one), I want to draw something on the paper coffee cup… I have even bought some colour pens for this little project.

Then before even starting on it, I think… maybe everyday is a too challenging; Why shall I stress myself and drain my brain? Let me start with once a week actually. LOL

Another challenge is that I am not a good drawer. I can kind of roughly sketch stuff in front of me, but I cannot do free hand drawing. So it’s better for me to start with some existing pictures/ views and just copy them onto paper cup.

Now that I’ve done some analysis and planning, here is what I will do:

  • collect ideas and store them (by either writing down, or taking pictures)
  • create a prototype of that idea – if it’s written then try to create the view with existing tools.
  • draw the prototype onto paper cup.

Below are some of the prototype I created over weekend. I will try to copy them onto a paper up in the coming weeks and share it. Let’s see how it goes.

Sally waiting to be fed


Giraffe in the park


Coffee Daddy

Mug Daddy

Whale on table



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