A weekend without mobile – experiment result

As I said in my last blog we conducted an experiment of ‘live without mobile‘ last weekend. Below are the interesting things happened. They are not assumptions; it is how mobile has really changed our life.

  1. Ran into Maggie and wanted to do dinner on Sunday. She said ‘I will call you on Sunday and we can sort out details’… well then we told her about experiment and it became too complicated to contact later and we gave up.
  2.  For the first time in the morning Mr Apple and I fought for a book. And I managed to keep it under my pillow for the rest of the weekend hehehhe….
  3. More sleep.⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄
  4. What’s the weather like today? Well whatever!
  5. We needed to find a laundry and had to ask around to get there. Took less time than what we thought and had very nice chicken shop staff helped us. Very cosy experience.
  6. More drawing, writing and talking.
  7. Bought new diaries for both Mr. Apple and me…. LOL
  8. Went to hair dresser but couldn’t figure out some items on the menu… but couldn’t google either!
  9. Mr Apple was super stressed without mobile. Hit road curd when we first drove out Sat morning. (´・Д・)」Calmed down after lunch but kept tapping his watch as if it’s a smart watch.

My new diary

Honestly I had more fun than regret over weekend. I ticked all my to-do list, finished a book and rested well. I did need to plan things earlier as there would be less flexibility without mobile, but that flexibility come with a price.

For example had I had access to mobile I would have done this at the hair dresser: Googled that unknown item and by the way Googled that shop too to check out reviews. Most likely not all reviews would be great so I would Google another one and another one and check theirs. Most likely those wouldn’t be perfect too so I spent 30 mins to figure out that it’s better to stay in the very first choice.

Well that sounds like a very typical me but unfortunately not the smart side. I sometimes think people become a worse species with today’s technology, i.e. wasted too much time on irrelevant stuff. Actually let’s not generalize it – it might be just me who has degenerated… maybe that’s why people don’t like reading my blogs…( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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