An experiment of a weekend without mobile

This weekend I am planning to execute an experiment – live a weekend without mobile… it’s not only the actual mobile phone device I am referring to here; it’s also the other ‘modern technology devices’ like tablets and laptops.

Here is how the experiment go:

  • today I will inform the family that I won’t check the mobile (so that no one get upset)
  • from 12:00AM Sat – 11:59PM Sun, I will keep all mobile devices away
  • every time I need to have access to mobile, I will note down what I did instead
  • in the next week I will live as normal and note down whenever using mobile. (Might not need to do this part if difference is obvious)
  • after the experiment I will summarise win/ loss

The first assumption is this will increase productivity. Surely it’s efficient to access Internet to look up something, but compared to the time spent looking at social media, browsing Internet, or simply randomly checking phone in middle of a task, it will easily even out the productivity mobile devices provide.

The second assumption is this will open my eye to appreciate life. People in train these days keep their head down at mobile. We miss the cloud in sky which look like an elephant. I hope putting my phone away can help me discover the little joys of life (or I might just sleep on train).

In my next blog I will share the findings – there is nothing to lose; in the worst case scenario I will just have a weekend with more sleep!



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