Just another pet… maybe?

In the past 6 months my mum lost 2 dogs (both passed away naturally) which has been devastating. One of the dog has accompanied her for 17 years so losing him is kind of expected but still sad. Now while sharing my mum’s tears I started thinking… why cannot dogs live longer? Or why cannot most pets live longer? Or why cannot we just raise those long-life animals as pet, like… human beings?

The first two question seems to be a bit lower priority given humans are still trying (our brains out but in vain) to figure out how to make their own life longer… I guess when we solve our own problem first, the eternity for pets will come.

A more interesting question is – why cannot we raise human as pet? BTW we are talking about normal pet for us to cuddle and feed… you know, a pet for all ages.

For example, if today I put myself in the role of Maple or a golden fish, what are the pet things they have which make me really love her, but I don’t have as a human? Not the genetic things like they have a tail or they are smaller than me, but more crucial attributes for a relationship.

This is Maple.

I think one of the most important thing is unrecoverable communication barrier. Pets cannot understand our conversations to them (of course not including orders stimulated by treats) , neither can they overhear the chats we have with our family and friends, let alone having any opinion on (or against) your life, trying to take advantage of you, or making up gossips. This effectively eliminates the chance of conflicts. It also creates a relaxing feeling knowing that your most intimate pet friend can keep all secrets and never turn against you. More remarkably, they naturally do this for their life; I will never need to worry Maple hears my credit card details and later steals it to buy her afternoon tea.

Then does it mean if I am thrown into a country speaking different language, I can be a pet? Not really. Being an intelligent social animal (hope it’s not a overrating to myself) with full access to Internet/ data, human beings will soon make enough attempts to pick up language and recover them from this barrier. This unfortunately means I will be able to form thoughts like ‘I don’t think that’s right.’ and create room for disagreement and conflicts. Moreover while being exposed to all personal life to another human, I (being a pet) pose a risk to his privacy and safety, and this calls an end to this relationship.

Maybe that’s why in the definition of pet, it says ‘a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure.’ It just another dreamy job doesn’t belong to human beings.


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