Mystery of double deck train – part 2 (survey result)

A couple of weeks back I wrote a blog of double deck train and started a survey to ask whether you will go upstairs or down in a train. Thanks to 16 participants, my 1 million $$$ question got answered.

Most people (75%) prefer going up. Only 3 out of 16 stated that they preferred going down. I wonder where all the ‘downstairs’ travellers are. When I mount an nearly empty train at Normanhurst every morning, there are definitely more than 3 going down. (Maybe most people prefer going upstairs but they hate doing it?🙀🙀🙀)


People like upstairs because the view is better (and assume we mean the view outside). This is a valid point – especially if the line goes via bridge, the trip gives a gorgeous view of harbour and a nice start of a day (on good weather, and gives one more reason to work from home on bad weather 😽).


I want to say special thanks to those who texted comments here. Some of the points have never occurred to me but they are so true. For instance sitting downstairs, I often get upset by not being able to read station name; believe it or not almost every morning I follow my gut feeling to get off. I’ve never thought about the head room too – maybe I am not tall enough to worry about that; but agree that you feel a bit ‘condensed’ sitting downstairs.


Now the whole trip downstairs sound like a tuna can – it doesn’t have nice view, cannot even see the station name easily and has less head room. Why don’t the trains move some seats from downstairs to upstairs, so that downstairs have more space and upstairs have better view? Or maybe they can provide entertainment (like a small TV) for downstairs to make the trip equally pleasant? Well, or, they can simply charge less if you opt to sit downstairs – honestly it’s not that bad; at least it shake less!😹


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