Love Live – score card skills

It has been a while since my last Love Live post… Now that I have got a decent collection of my cards, I started ranking different cards (so that I can use some as feed hehehe).

Some prelude:

  1. it’s very easy to get S score but not easy to get a truly high score. In some competition events I’ve seen people double my score.(。-_-。)
  2. I haven’t worked out the priority between attributes and skills. This article is only going to talk about skills and only score-boost cards. Because…
    • in the case when you can get full combo, (not to speak) recovery cards are useless.
    • in the case when you can get full perfect (which is nearly impossible), timing cards are useless too.
    • but… score-boost cards are always useful.

A score-boost card

There are 4 types of score-boost cards. A skill may read: for every x rhythms/ seconds/ combo/ perfects, there is a y chance to boost score by z points. The conversion between types is not always the same depending on songs and how well you can play (for example some songs has more rhythm per second, or it’s easier to hit higher combo for some songs). However for sake of comparison I picked random 8 cards (2 by each type) and they were simplified by below 2 assumptions:

  • it’s a full combo and all perfect song;
  • the song (averagely) = 120 seconds or 500 rhythm.

Now the biggest finding: Perfect or combo cards are not necessarily better than rhythm cards. Interesting as perfects and combo are definitely harder to get but the rewards may be worse…

Also the biggest finding (hit 2): time type cards perform way worse than other types. Actually I am not sure if I made it wrong – those cards give almost only 1/3 of other types.

Below are the exact stats of those 8 cards. Note that there is an event reward card too and it is not outstanding, considering the effort taken to get the event card. Another callout is that even if below max score is used for all 9 members, it will only add less than 40k points for a per song (boost total score by c.a. 7%-8%).  To that extent the game is still balanced; one won’t break world record just by manipulate card skills.

Type Count Chance Score Score by song
Rhythm 25 0.44 410 3608
Perfect 22 0.32 455 3309
Combo 23 0.36 405 3170
Combo 24 0.34 445 3152
Perfect 18 0.35 300 2917
Rhythm 29 0.31 505 2699
Second 7 0.25 295 1264
Second 13 0.5 260 1200

The model can easily be replicated in Excel – the score by song = (500/count or 120/count)*chance*score. Understand that it’s just a rough model and real use case can be different by songs; but it’s good enough to provide guidance on cards.


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