A dilemma at station

I have been quite busy with hanging out with friends and families in Shanghai so haven’t refreshed my blog for some time. But there are some topics on my mind which I will share shortly.

Today’s blog is about an experience in Chongqing. I want to remark this and see how I will think about it in future.
When I got out at one of the train station in Chongqing I tried to touch off my ticket. It was a downtown station so very busy; there was a long line waiting behind me. Actually there were long lines at every ticket gate. Somehow I became very clumsy (as always) and couldn’t get this simple process work.

While I was very sorry to be a blocker in the line, people there were very nice and patient. The boy next to me even came to help me out. Unfortunately this offer made the situation even worse; the ticket was stuck in the machine! (´・Д・)」The accident actually pushed his kindness to the next level – he said to me: let’s get out from here together! I will insert my ticket and we go together.(*☻-☻*)

Here is my dilemma – although I appreciated everything he did so far, I didn’t want to be dodgy and get out with someone else’s ticket. I also couldn’t decline the offer as it might hurt his feeling and discourage his good intention and kindness. So for a moment my mind was as stuck as the ticket machine and before I answered it, he has inserted his ticket into the machine and…. it got stuck as well…. (。-_-。) Thanks to the station staff who then noticed the congestion and came over and saved this embarrassment.

Ancient temple in Lianping, Chongqing

Now it’s already 2 weeks after this incident. I am still trying to figure out the best approach. If I accept the offer, it encourages the kindness to be passed on but also encourages people violating rules. Imagine that everyone starts playing with the ticket machine; it will bring down the whole system. If I decline it and call the staff, the problem will be solved quicker but it will sound unappreciated. The boy may think I (or people) don’t deserve the help and do less favour in future.


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