Do you go upstairs/ downstairs in a double deck train?

Ever since I moved to this nice city of beaches called Sydney I have been taking trains to work everyday and hence have been haunted with one obviously very big and important question – do people tend to go upstairs or downstairs in the train?

In case you don’t know what I mean, inside the train it looks like this. inside-tangara_9-aug-2013

Because sometimes I am so bored on the train, my little brain in my big head has done some analysis and hypothesis on this topic. Below are the considerations which I think drives people to go up/ down.

Why people go upper deck Why people go lower deck Comments
People who first see double deck trains tourists tends to go upper?
Peope who enjoy views riders on certain lines (e.g. those go via bridge) will go upper?
Door opens on upstairs side Door opens on downstairs side people go with the first option?
It’s easy to see vacant seats people who want to sit down (long riders? gender/ age?)
It’s less shaking (?) people who get sick on train will go downstairs?
It’s easier to go downstairs people who like taking easy options (gender/ age?)

I am keen to find out how more people think about it. What will be your choice if you get into a double deck train and why?

The next step is I will validate all above hypothesis. The initial plan is to sit in a corner, observe and count in the train (which can be a bit creepy). I might also come up with a questionnaire and ask at some stations… stay tuned!


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