Love Live Medley Festival round 8 – review and tips

Yesterday I finished the Love Live round 8 Medley Festival. The reward is the Kotori on the screen – left is the unidolized version and right being he idolised version. It is a cool (blue) card with timing effect. Personally I am too much keen on the card as first of all I prefer score card than anything else, and secondly I have quite a few blue SR idolised cards so it only adds to collection for sake of collection.

Saying that though, I still prefer to get an idolised card, which gives to those top 5500 players. After the competition I checked the rank and… (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I am at rank 5502! I basically cannot describe how I felt at that time. Well there needs to be a 5501 or 5502 anyway but I guess it’s more than bad luck.

The lesson is – play till the last minute even if you are in the top list. I stopped at around 50 mins before the end of competition sitting at 4700, which I has assumed myself to be OK. Actually even 2 mins before it finishes I checked rank and I was at 5300 or something. Had I played another song that time, even an easy one, I could have made 5500.


The competition itself is not hard at all. Actually it’s very to player’s favor. I have listed below pros and cons of the competition:


  1. Play with less LP. Normal expert one costs 25 LP; competition song costs only 20 LP. That is 20% more efficient in levelling up.
  2. Play with more experience. With some G you can have 1.1 times experience.
  3. You play with only classic songs with max lv 10 song. So the risk of failure is 0.

So what it means is that – without failure you are looking at 1 LP = 83 x 1.1 / 20 = 4.565 exp, compared to normal 1 LP = 83 / 25 = 3.32 exp. It’s definitely the best time for levelling up!

But there are some cons too…

  1. The record won’t be counted to your live song. I.e if you play a song 10 times it won’t give you friend pts.
  2. If you play multiple songs, full combo means you need to combo all songs.

Below is how the game runs.

Once the session starts, you need to choose how many songs you want to play in this round. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 songs per session.

Then you will be shown the songs and be allowed to select your team. I didn’t get a screenshot as it’s just normal team selection.

Then you will be asked what special effects you want to trigger. Note that it’s the same price for 1 song or 3 songs. The highlighted 2 are always my first options. Note: if you cannot hit S please also tick score up, as S score gives you 1.2 times bonus. After you hit START – the 3 songs will start playing in sequence. Note that there  won’t be any recovery in between the songs.

The final event points will be granted based on your score rank, combo rank, special effect and if there is any friends to help (which is random). Of course, the more you play, the more event points you collect and higher rank you get… so just relax and keep playing! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Btw here is one more trick ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄: even though it’s more economic to play 3 songs, it’s harder to hit higher combo bonus for 3 songs. For example for one song which on average has 450 beats, you hit A combo with 300 combo. This gives you an additional 1.06 times event points. However when you play 3 songs, you need to hit at least 1000 combo to get A, which is super challenging.

The conclusion is: if you are not short of G, play one song each time which allows to you get higher combo bonus. If you are concious about G then play 3 songs in one go which maximise the special effects.

Remember! Every event point matters! Look at my result and 3 more points I can get the Kotori idolised! Sigh! (。-_-。)


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