Your name

This week I watch the movie ‘Your Name’ (君の名は。). The reason I waited for 3 days to write the blog is because… I am procrastinating.⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

The movie is good. But the quality Mr. Apple downloaded is really not good. Not to mention whether it’s HQ or not, I was amazed by how much efforts the uploader put in making the watermarks. Basically throughout the movie there is a very big and clear YN-009 always on upper right and a smaller ‘property of TOHO co’ on the upper left. From time to time in middle of the screen a kind reminder that ‘this DVD is for screening purpose’ comes up which I don’t even know what is ‘screening purpose’? Anyway it’s a movie with Chinese subtitle so why bother even have watermarks in English….

Well even with that winge I finished the movie. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) It has very healing music and pictures (as most of Japanese animes of this kind have). The timeline is designed very subtly for you to be able to understand with enough attention and some think but not too hard. Some people said story was normal but I think the set up being quite special.

——spoiler’s divider——–

The story is about a boy (Taki) and a girl (Mitsuha) exchange their body during dream 2-3 times a week (quite weird set up but very funny). Mitsuha knew Taki liked his co-worker so arranged a date for him and left message that ‘you can watch comet tonight’. Taki stuffed up the date and couldn’t understand then comet comment. However since that night Mitsuha vanished – no body exchange anymore and she didn’t pick up calls. This upset Taki a lot so he went to look for her – from the memory how the town looks like when he lived her life. Only then he found out the town was destroyed 3 years ago. On that night the comet fell right into the town and killed almost everyone. When Taki turned on the phone again all messages from Mitsuha also disappeared.

So far it’s a sad story not too hard to understand. Taki and Mitsuha live 2 different timelines running in parallel. Mitsuha’s time is 3 years behind Taki, and her timeline ends at the night of comet – with Mitsuha’s death. They liked each other; hence Mitsuha cried when she knew Taki was going out for a date, and Taki freaked out when he couldn’t connect to Mitsuha anymore.

What happened next is interesting. Taki decided to save Mitsuha. He remembered when he was her ((。-_-。)) Mitsuha was a ‘witch’ of a temple and used to make some wine. So Taki found the shrine and drank the wine, which allowed him to travel time to warn Mitsuha of the comet. Mitsuha in turn, managed to save the whole village and survived. Here I have a question – did Taki go to Mitsuha’s timeline, or did Taki simply go back 3 years?

Taki drank the ‘wine from mouth’

After that it’s a story of Taki and Mitsuha are living in a same timeline. I prefer to think that 2 timeline merged (as it doesn’t make too much sense if they start living in the other person’s timeline and just disappear from their own’s). They met each other one day and the story pretty much ended there (and it’s a moment of ‘less is more’).

For me the most emotional moment is when they decided to write name into each other’s hands so that they can remember. Taki managed to write something but Mitsuha couldn’t complete. But even Taki actually wrote ‘I like you’ rather than his name! So they were not able to record the name of each other – but that’s not important anymore compared to that ‘I like you’ in palm. ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

PS – I want to watch the movie again particularly in regards to Mitsuha went to see Taki in her timeline and gave him the hair tie. When did Taki start realising the tie is from Mitsuha? Was that when he went to look for her or before that?


One thought on “Your name

  1. Jax says:

    Rule one: Don’t complain while you are watching a pirate version……

    Well I got spoiled but you don’t get spoiled by these kind of movies because you have to watch it to feel it.

    I’ll wait for a better version…


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