No leather shoes – Melissa

A couple of months back I wrote a blog regarding no leather. With all my passion on animal protection still holds true, I used to find it hard to not wear leather shoes. The non-leather ones are either too tough or it smells later in the day. The good news is that in both Sydney and Melbourne there are plenty of Melissa shops… So recently I have become a big fan of Melissa shoes.

OK firstly even they are only plastic shoes, they are still AUD 100+ for full price and during Christmas or EOFY sales they can go down to AUD 70-80. Some extreme sizes can go cheaper (like 10+ or 6-) but they never fit me. The shoes are of very good quality, very comfortable and very durable. Basically they worth the money .

The biggest feature of the shoes is that it has a very pleasant fragrance. The official website describes it as a ‘bubble gum’ scent but I would think it’s better than that.(。-_-。) It’s a sweet smell and it doesn’t go away after no matter how long you wear it. The two recent pairs I’ve got were from end of Jun and I have worn them a lot to work or to beaches on weekend. Even now they still smell as sweet as how I first bought them. It would be interesting though if they can produce shoes with different fragrances – so you don’t even need to wear perfume when going out. Maybe they should partner with Jo Malone and produce flora series!♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Another benefit of plastic material is that it’s easy to wash and you can wear it in all weathers. That’s actually a big win as leather shoes requires lot of care which I can never give them. It’s even better than Converse shoes as I never manage to wash them either… they are like the life saver for lazy girls like me! They are like cars – if you feel they need wash, just wait for a rain and you are good to go. So I can hardly mess them up.

The only regret about Melissa shoes is that they are suitable for all seasons apart from winter. Imagine I wear this and walk in a windy and chilly winter in Australia. Maybe they should produce some wool options! (´・Д・)」But in end it’s a brand from nice and warm Brazil so they may not need this.\(//∇//)\


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