My places to eat

At certain point I was thinking about writing some food review. However I got stuck because firstly I am a very cost sensitive person who don’t like to spend too much on meals. Secondly my tongue is not delicate enough to tell the subtle different between ingredients. And thirdly once I find something good I tend to stick to that option and don’t try others.

So my standard become very straightforward and rough. The food must be affordable in the first place; it should be eatable (basically it shouldn’t be too oily and needs to be authentic); and it needs to be accessible so that I can keep going back.⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

After living in Sydney for 3 months now, as expected some restaurants and dishes become my favourite and I keep going back to them. Each of them will be too short to be a blog so I decide to club them together. Unfortunately most of them are Chinese/ Japanese cuisine due to my background. ↖(^ω^)↗

The first one on the list is Ryo noodle! In case you haven’t heard of it, here are the reviews.

  • Affordable? The ramen is around 15 AUD and normally we also order a fried chicken which is around 9 AUD. So it’s around 40 for 2 people. The noodle come in very decent serve but you can order more noodles if you like.
  • Eatable and authentic? Normally I will order the seafood one (as below) and it has that very typical Japanese fish cake. The shop is set up in a very Japanese way and all staff are Japanese too. The soft drinks there can be bought at Daiso too. V(^_^)V
  • Accessible? The shop opens from 12:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM and closes on Wednesdays. It’s very busy and most of time you need to wait (outside the shop). To avoid waiting better to arrive as soon as it opens.


The second on the list is ‘Meet Fresh’. It’s a Taiwan street food/ dessert shop which we used to have in Shanghai and Melbourne too! The Melbourne one closed down a couple of years ago but this shop in Eastwood is my ‘must go’ every time I am there.

  • Affordable? This one is even better than Ramen. It’s around 6 AUD – 7 AUD per serve depending on what you order. So it’s around 15 AUD for 2 people and it’s actually quite filling as some toppings are made from taro or sweet potato.
  • Eatable and Authentic? This is basically just ice, herbal jelly, toppings. There is oil and diary free and some options are not too sweet. Last week for the first time I tried ‘grapefruit tea’ (sugar free version) and it’s amazing! There is real grapefruit (half of it) in the tea and tastes refreshing. The size (of the cup) is really satisfying too. It’s 1000 cc cup hehehe…
  • Accessible? Both Eastwood one and city one is close to the station so really easy to get there. There are other street foods around the same area so normally I get some fried chicken to go combo with herbal jelly.

1000cc cup is almost the size of my face… and I have a big face!

The third one on the list is China Chilli (Chatswood Interchange). The one I go almost every week for it’s ‘chilli-sour beef noodle’. There are other food in that food court too (actually a lot of options) but I always eat that noodle only (that’s how much I love it).

  • Affordable? It’s definitely not the cheapest noodle in the food court. In Melbourne from food court noodles can easily go < 10 AUD; this one is like 12 AUD. If you order side dishes it will be around 30 AUD for 2 people. One thing good about the food court is that it accepts card whereas most other Chinese places only accept cash.
  • Eatable and Authentic? Well this one is a bit oily and spicy, but as long as you don’t eat the soup that’s fine. Mr. Apple being someone who came from that area commented it as quite good. The quality is not quite consistent though – sometimes you get more beef but sometimes less. But when I get less I just take it as an diet control. LOL I wish all customers are like me!
  • Accessible? Yes this one is at Chatswood Westfield which is like the second CBD of Sydney (for me). So it’s quite easy to go there once or twice a week.

Hmmm this blog is getting really long now (850 words already!). So before I get bored of myself writing nonsense I will close it off…. and tonight I am going to have one of the 3 restaurants again (although I haven’t decided which one to go hehehehe)~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


One thought on “My places to eat

  1. Yang, Michael says:

    Great review and loved all three, you may need to talk about the sushi we had tonight. I also think it’s quite good, but a bit costly, oh at least we tasted

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