Movie review – Dr. Strange

Yesterday I went to watch the movie ‘Dr. Strange’. I would have to say I was not planning to write this review but changed my mind 10 mins after the movie.

Well it’s not because it has great insights or as such; it’s purely because that kaleidoscope effect is really fascinating. Actually it would have been even better if it’s in 3D and VMAX. It can be a good action game on VR, which you will have to adjust different dimensions and jump and fight… feel dizzy while talking (writing) about this already.

The story is about a top doctor destroyed by a car accident and recovered by studying some zen like inside power and later saved world. Sounds really Marvel so I didn’t give any spoiling alert (kekekke). There are something in the movie simply doesn’t make sense to me… like him checking phone while driving on winding cliff highway and end up in accident. Maybe I don’t understand elite’s mind but it looks like suicide to me. Also that ‘forbidden book’ is simply there on the shelf and anyone can take it. Shouldn’t they lock it somewhere especially it’s already been stolen once? Anyway those are just details… if everything makes sense there will be half as many movies as now isn’t it?o(*////▽////*)q

Saying that though, there are some selling points of the movie. First of all it’s interesting or funny to see Holmes turns into a super hero kind of thing (if you know what I mean =^..^=). Here is how he looks like to give you some taste of it…


Secondly I personally believe in Zen or those internal power thing so I am sold on that theory and ‘glad’ to see that it’s been turned into that magical way. They even got someone shaved to be the master of all masters. Nice try! (Doesn’t sound like compliment but it was kind of impressive.) Thirdly the effect is really fascinating. It’s like watching a huge kaleidoscope but with the real world background. I know it doesn’t sound attractive they way how I describe it; but if you watch the trailer you will know what I mean. In the end I managed to remain sober (with the help of chips and popcorn) for this Marvel movie (and BTW I fell asleep for Avengers 2 and the Deadpool). So I reckon it’s a good movie.

While writing this I found that in 1978 it’s already made into a movie of this comics…. I may dig it out and try that one too! LOL


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