LoveLive – First SR event!

Wow this is to remark my first double SR event reward and share some experiences in how to get it…. for Love Live of course.

Some background: I am at level 115 and this is a ‘collect-hazelnut-to-play-event-song’ event. The event song is ‘Zurui yo Magnetic Today’. The expert level is lv 10 and lv 11 (there are 2).

Rule of thumb: during event, only play Expert+ level – even if it’s not an event song. Expert and Master level songs give 27 hazelnut per song with 25 LP. I think it’s 15 LP for 15 hazelnut (I might be wrong but expert gives most hazelnut with least LP).

Rule of thumb 2: don’t waste LP. I have 82 LP at the moment and this means I can have 8hr 10 mins sleep time. The higher level you are, the more sleep time you can afford, plus the more LP to restore if you use loveca. Otherwise it’s 240 LP max per day for everyone.

Rule of thumb 3: try to hit S score and S combo. With this song of 10/11 level, S combo is really challenging (I’ve only got A combo max, and average C combo). S score + C combo = 508 event points. From memory every rank is 10 more points.

So it’s quite easy math.

Songs you can play in a day = 240/25

Event points from song = (240/25) x 27

# of event songs = [(240/25) x 27]/75

Total event points from event song = {[(240/25) x 27]/75} x 508 (based on my avg performance as above)

Total event points per day = Event points from song + Total event points from event song

Total event point = Total event points per day x 11 = around 22170 points

And plus some bonus points which you win when you level up while playing. Let’s say around 1800 additional points. This brings total points to around 24000.

What does 24000 points mean? It means you are around 10000 points away from rank 5500, but you are quite safe with rank 13200. Most people as long as you keep playing, can achieve this. Of course 5500 – 13200 doesn’t give you any SR. Just in case you ask.♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

So to make up those 10000 points, the only way is to use loveca to restore LP and play more. Again the higher level you are, the more LP you restore by 1 loveca. For me I used more than 10 loveca to make up that 10k point gap… RIP my loveca!⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄ Note that from 25000 points onwards the reward is 2 lovecas so it’s not too bad….

It definitely worths the efforts. Event SR has less occurance likelihood in scouting so the chance to idolise this card would be very low in future. Also this is a cute card anyway! o(≧v≦)o

Anyway I might see it differently when I am at higher level but those rules will still apply. Hope it helps other players too.


One thought on “LoveLive – First SR event!

  1. Jax says:

    Well done and congratulations! It’s so nice to see you are that devoted to play it well. (Although motivated by idols instead of pure dream of skills but we can work on that later.) And your calculations are just like some very typical NGA articles which I myself haven’t done for a while. Go tivamoo go!


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