Figure 8 pool trip

After all the planning and ‘I look forward to it so much’ yesterday finally we went to that figure 8 pool. If you ask what took us to plan for so long? Here is the answer – and it turned out to be not enough when we get there.

There are 3 things to consider when you plan the trip.

Firstly weather – it’s a pool next to sea so go there when it’s around 30 degrees. Don’t go when it’s too hot as it takes good efforts to get to there and come back (I walked 10KM and 70 floors yesterday); and don’t go when it’s not warm enough as you cannot get in water.

Secondly time – check the tide time of the day and only go when it’s low tide. This is very important or otherwise you can die. Low tide time can vary a lot. On the day we went, the low tide time is 3PM; so we had to calculate backwards – left home at around 10AM; arrived at 1PM (please take additional 30 mins on top of what GPS tells. You need to buy ticket in long lane and go to toilet; and there is only one toilet in the whole area); took us 1 hour to walk to there and arrived at around 2PM; we spend around 1 hour in the pools.

And finally outfits –  make sure you wear comfortable shoes, bring your swimsuit (if you plan to swim there), bring your lunch, and bring small bottle of water (unless you want to carry big bottle all the way). Basically it’s a national park with no food, no drink, no toilet and no bins.

So it’s a typical Australian place which is hidden at the end of a track. Every time I visit those places I feel like it’s a survival game. It’s just not that kind of beach which you can lay back and enjoy cocktail…↖(^ω^)↗

Saying that though, it definitely worth the efforts. There are different angles to enjoy the view, no matter when you look from above, or you just breathe and be part of the scenery.

It’s a track of all landscapes. There are rainforests, beach, seashore, rocks and pools. If you are lucky you will also encounter Mr. Starfish and Mr. Crab. Being able to experience all of those in one day is amazing and it makes the trip less tiring (though Mr. Apple complained that he couldn’t feel his legs on the next day). There are not many tricks in getting there; you just need to keep walking.

Here are some pictures in the park.

And finally the pool. There were too many people there so I didn’t take pic. Got something from Internet.( ̀⌄ ́) The water in pools are just seawater and you can swim in the pools. The actual figure 8 one is very small and not that impressive; but it’s big fun to be there and see so many natural pools!


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