Some notes on learning Japanese

Now that I have learned Japanese for a couple of weeks (actually I think I am close to the end of the semester?), I want to share some of my findings here.

Firstly definitely as a Chinese speaker there is a obvious advantage – Kanji. When all English speaking learner still read by Roman symbols, I already know many Kanji. That definitely saved my time remembering the strokes and practicing writing (although my handwriting is terrible LOL).

But as much benefit as it can have, there is a flip side. Because the pronunciation between Kanji and Chinese character is so similar, I am easily impacted by Chinese and the whole thing becomes very confusing. Plus when remembering words, I tend to remember Kanji as it’s an easier option; this means I have to push myself hard to relate it back to Hirigana. At the same time, English speaking learners are forced to learn from scratch, which helps to remember and pronounce it exactly what it should be. It’s like I am renovating an old house and English speaking learners are building a new house. So I have advantage that a lot of infrastructures are there; but I am also constrained by them…. if it makes sense.

Also as everyone would have known, practising is by far the most effective way to acquire the language. The grammar used in pair talk in the class gives much stronger impression than those which we didn’t learn. One of the tricks is that every week I come back and teach Mr. Apple what I learned. I do have to appreciate his patience here; reviewing the content in this way helps me reinforce what I learned. Another trick is that I have Japanese input on my phone so I can verify words whenever I want (with my phone). I was thinking about learning by singing Japanese songs but it’s too advanced for me now.o(*////▽////*)q

Anyway that’s everything inspired me during my learning journey. I will adding into this article later if I think of anything else. Happy Japanese learning! Y(^_^)Y


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