Pillow shopping

Today I was thinking about writing a review of Apple Pencil or talking about the concert last week… but thanks to our Mr. Apple something happened today and overtook everything else in my blog idea list.

Basically it’s a hilarious story. We went to Harvey Norman to buy something and saw pillows on sale. Then we think maybe we buy some pillows too to save our neck and back… So in this totally unplanned shopping without and research done we called staff to help, who brought 2 types for us to try.

Then Mr. Apple happily laid done on a 5k mattress and tried. Now I have to acknowledge that he thought about me first and tried on his side(, which is considerate ^_^). Then he said blahblah whatever and the staff said, now try to sleep on your back.

Then the dramatic scene happened. Mr. Apple turned around, sat up, and put the pillow under his back, and lay down on his back (on the pillow). And he peacefully stayed there for a couple of seconds and seriously tried it out. (。ì _ í。) Had I not been as shocked as the the staff, he must have thought he was a ‘performer’ or an ‘artist’. But I have to admit the staff was really professional and didn’t even laugh as this bizzare sleeping style (maybe he thought that’s how we or Chinese sleep at home…(。-_-。)).

Anyway now that I wrote this, I feel lucky he tried it on his side first. Otherwise when the salesperson said try to sleep on the side, he might go to the very side of the bed and lie down there!

Sleep on my pillow – Jax and Maple


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