Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

On this sunny warm afternoon in Sydney when everyone went to beach and had sun bath and ice cream Mr. Apple and me decided to go to a dark indoor closed room with hundreds of other people and stayed there for 2 hours… Yes we went to see a movie! (≧∇≦)

It’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (I have to google to get the name right) in 3D (YAY!). Honestly I always had problem with 3D glasses on top of my normal glasses but yesterday it worked magically well – I guess the trick is I need to wear a frame narrower than the 3D glasses frame so that the lenses of the two pairs can stick to eacher other without gap.

Coming back to the movie… I don’t know why some website tag it as thriller; the movie is definitely not thrilling or horrifying at all. There is no such scene as an unknown ghost pop out from nowhere or a head or arm got chopped off and flying outside the screen toward you. The only pictures which are a bit disgusting are related to eyeballs – either corpses without eye balls or hollows eating eyeballs; but they look much like cartoon faked ones so OK to watch. Basically I am too timid to watch ANY thriller but I absolutely enjoyed the movie.

Saying that though, the sound effects from the movie did create that feeling of  mysterious and tension. For a couple of times I was quite worried about what’s coming up because of the music…( ̄▽ ̄) but as said above, there is almost no discomfort scene.

The actors and actresses of the movie are not super stars (as far as I can tell but I don’t know many celebrities). All the characters have their personality and are well performed, including the twins who has their masks on 99.9% time of the movie. They are also cute. Ella Purnell (Emma) is very adorable (OK because she is pretty); the only thing is that because most plots happen in a ‘time loop’ so everyone wears the same dress throughout the movie. This maybe is the movie with least costumes… Actually maybe not, movies like Jungle Book doesn’t even need anything to wear. Anyway…-_-#

Story wise it’s quite simple and easy to follow. It’s not like Inception which I still don’t know what it’s talking about. In the movie there is one thing which I don’t think making sense (OK a couple of things). Firstly they are just kids. When Miss Peregrine is caught they are so organised and calmed down… They must have watched Home Alone thousands of times to know those tricks so well to fight against hollows.  Secondly, even everyone knows there are 8 hollows and they are like ‘Hollow must die’ thing but on one seems to know their ‘peculiarities’. I mean if they used to be part of the peculiar group and so dangerous, shouldn’t they first work out a survival Bible first? It seems that when they fight each other nobody knows each other’s  skill. It’s a big contract against how smart they are later on. Thirdly the cage in the room (later to contain Miss Peregrine)… Hmmm if you are a bird why do you want to put a cage in your house? It’s like having a trap in a house so that later on she can trap herself… 

But don’t get me wrong I still appreciated and enjoyed the movie (and it’s not because I figured out how to get the 3D glasses work. Well maybe a little bit because of that hehehhe). It used to be apparently a world best seller book as well, so I should say thank you to the director and cast and crew to bring this fantastic fantasy story to live. And I should say thank you to Telstra too to give special movie tickets (and it’s not an ad. Well maybe a little bit hehehehe).^_^


One thought on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that’s exactly the same pairs of glasses we used to have, and we have 6 of those at home……
    As for Ella’s face I think it’s asymmetrical? It looks a bit weird (maybe one of the reason it’s labeled as horror….) And you finally admitted that you don’t understand inception? (Which I think is one of the easiest in that folder……)


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