Sydney Aquarium Trip 

Every time not until I write my blog do I realise that I haven’t taken enough pictures. I would really be curious to know what people do for their blog… Maybe they just take pictures every 5 mins.-_-#

Anyway instead of going to the 8 shape pool I went to Sydney Aquarium because the weather was not great. Being a much safer choice that you don’t need to worry about tide times, we started heading off to city around 9:30AM. One the way I made my first (and maybe the only) wise decision that I booked the tickets online. Now hare some tips to the Aquarium. 

  • Always book your tickets online. They offer up to 30% discount if you purchase it online. Even doing it on the same day saved me 10% ($4 pp) . More importantly, it saved your time lining up for tickets. There is a long queue to buy tickets. This is how it looks inside so hope it gives you some idea.

  • Make sure you go to toilet first. Once you are inside the Aquarium, it’s corridor after corridor. There is no toilet for a fairly long time. You can, optionally rush to the end of journey and go to toilet and then come back relaxing, but on a busy day like this, walking through currents of people or even against them is a challenging task. (Well if you see a fish swimming against current, he must be rushing to toilet!)
  • Set up right expectation. If you expect some world class experience like what you see in Find Dory, you come to the wrong place. It’s a small indoor Aquarium which you can finish in about 1.5 hour. 
  • Set up right expectation x 2. Inside the place it’s quite dark so don’t expect to take great pictures. If finally you come to places with some light, you will soon find the glass reflects so much that you can literally see people on fish and fish on people in your picture, if you know what I mean. So I really appreciate Mr. Apple’s continuous efforts and finally got some nice shots of me.( ^ω^ )

Two of the most popular fishes are Nemo and Dory. Definetly an attraction for family with young kids. I think most of the fishes are native Australian ones; but being a country like Australia, it’s quite understandable; there are plenty of choices without going to African coast to import any.

There are a couple (maybe 3-4) of corridors there like all other aquariums. They do have large fishes like shark. It was quite impressive to see sharks swim over on the top (and their white belly); really cute.(*^◯^*)

Close on the exit there is a big tank (as big as a cinema screen) and some seats in front. I have been sitting there for like 5 mins looking at the fishes in the tank. It literally feels like staring at a screen saver… Hehehhe. It’s quite good practice to calm down actually… Maybe looking at screen saver can do the same but I have never tried (and I don’t intend to try either )(; ̄ェ ̄)

Anyway in the end it’s a good place for rainy day. It’s not too expensive ($36 pp); it’s in city and can be easily accessed; it takes 1.5 hour to finish the tour and it’s a lot fun with family.(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


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