Multi purpose table cloth

Today we planned to go to the 8 shape pool in Sydney but Mr. Apple found out that by the time we arrived, we would be in the ‘hazardous’ period when the tides are too high for human beings to visit…♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

So we moved the trip to tomorrow.

Saying that though, there is something happened this morning that I have to record (as it’s hilarious).

The story goes…

This morning I just had a shower and found out that we ran out of the shower towel in bathroom. Luckily Mr. Apple realised that too and considerate as he was, he rapidly went to get a towel for me and kindly started helping me out. It could have been a queen like experience if I hadn’t found out that instead of a towel, it’s actually a table cloth!

This was how I felt at that moment.

And thanks for that I feel like a tea pot now… At least I can still be super hot!


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