Movie review – Secret Life of Pets

Yesterday Mr Apple and me wanted to watch a movie so without much research, we picked ‘Secret Life of Pets’. So before anything, let me express my gratitude to Mr Apple who ruthlessly ignored his own preference and picked up this (whatever) animation for me.

By looking at the name, I thought it’s more like a Tom and Jerry style story where 2 pets try killing each other when the owner goes to work but eventually find true brotherhood in each other (well that doesn’t sound much like Tom & Jerry but never mind that’s irrelevant anyway (~_~;)).

One thing good about movie in Australia is, unless you are big fan of watching ads, you can be late by 15 mins from the time on your ticket. This is because the will play advertisement (as well as upcoming movies) in the first 15 mins. We didn’t arrive too late for this one, and surprisingly noticed that the cinema was half full with adults for this cartoon.

Then I realised that the movie is from the same producer as ‘Despicable Me’, of which I am not a fan honestly and maybe why so many people. But I acknowledge that they made good efforts to keep fans happy; there is a small foreplay before the show about the little yellow capsules trying to make money by mowing and stuffing up everything. I don’t really understand or enjoy that type of ‘stuffing up’ fun. However since that moment the lady behind me had started laughing so loud and she was then like that for the whole session.( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

The movie talked about two dogs got caught and ran away and one of them got caught again and the other one (with lot of other pets) went to rescue him and finally everyone got home safe. 

The story line is quite easy (as I concluded above). There are not many Disney style music and dance in it though. I can only remember one actually (when they are at sausage factory). Some dialogs are quite funny esp it tries to make joke about dog or cat. The scene of pets at home were really adorable and cozy; I enjoyed that part a lot. On the other side, there are, as many western comedies, lot of ‘stupid and fun’ accidents. I was not too impressed by those tricks but most of audience are laughing loud (esp the one behind me) so I reckon overall it’s quite a joyful movie.

So I would rate the movie something like 6.5 out of 10. It’s not as exciting as Zootopia which has a good plot, but it was relaxing and fun.


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