CC read Sunzi – Chapter 5

There is the 5th chapter! WOW! Same term and condition *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

—— here we go! ——

Sunzi said: to manage a large group as easy as to manage a smaller one, people should rely on proper team structure. To fight a large enemy as easy as to fight against a small one, people should rely on the strategy. To always win the war, people should attack in an unexpected way. To easily beat enemies, people should cheat on battlefield.

At the war, the forces may always confront each other and fight, but they should win by unexpected attack. Those who are good at using unexpected strategies can fight like magician. Then Sunzi used analogy of sound, time, colour and tastes to describe that options can be endless by combining them differently. So if we fight by combining regular battle with unexpected attacks, the options can be numerous.

The rushing water can float a stone as it was empowered by potential energy; birds can catch preys as they are speedy. For the war it’s important to powerful and speedy. Powerful like arrow on string, and speedy as when it’s shooting out. 

A battlefield can be messy but armies shouldn’t be confused; when two forces fight they get into each other and we should be unbeatable. From chaos to order that’s deployment; from courage to timidity and that’s power; from weakness to strength that’s the situation.

So those who are good at handling the enemy can make up a situation where the enemies will believe and follow; enemy will easily be sold with their baits.

(The last one is hard but in conclusion…(; ̄ェ ̄)) Sunzi expressed those who are good at war are like pushing round trunks off steep hill, they generate great power during war (and I guess it’s to echo that speedy and power analogy like arrow earlier(^_−)−☆)

Maple says – attack them in an unexpected way!

—— below is the original text —— 








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