I started learning Japanese!

Since I moved to Sydney I have been thinking about learning another language and as I was really addicted to all Japanese drama and animations I decide to (eventually) learn Japanese. 

After some research I picked up a place called ‘Japanese Sydney Language School‘. The first and foremost reason I picked this school is because it doesn’t use that textbook called ‘Japanese for Busy People’ which is widely used by lot of Australian language schools (like at UNSW or Sydney U). That name itself tells me it doesn’t teach anything properly. The text book it used is called いっぽ 日本語 さんぽ (see below and ignore the dog)… Before I review the class, please allow me to first comment on the book.

Firstly the book is quite interactive. If you are after a book with lot of exercise, lot of vocabulary to remember and grammar to practice, this is not the book for you. 

Secondly the book is user friendly and have Roman text to help pronouncing. It helps to some extent but I want to push myself to be independent and not look at it. Well it’s just me but as a beginner it is very handy.

Thirdly the book comes with a CD. Why don’t they just use a floppy disk? Luckily my employer foresaw this problem 3 years ago and provided me with a laptop with CD reader and never reviewed my laptop…. But it would be great if the book can make materials online.

The school is on lv 3 of a building. It looks a bit dodgy and I seriously has concern over the fire hazard. The classroom is like only 10 sqm and even uses a fan… Very vintage, huh? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The class is 80 mins without break. We have only 7 students in the class. The good thing is that we are much encouraged to talk… It’s either ‘read after me’ or ‘pair talk’ during the class. I have to say it does help to memorise things. There are not much gramma introductions unfortunately (it’s the first class after all), but the teacher explained well in what we learnt.

The progress of the class is a bit slow I feel. We only learned あいうえお towards the end of class. I would be keen to see how we can cover all by the end of the 8 weeks. Maybe it’s just me being ambitious.

Anyway the most thing about learning a language is practising so I am glad that I am provided with the environment (though the classroom could have been much better). I will update how things go by the end of 8 weeks.(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


One thought on “I started learning Japanese!

  1. Jax says:

    这地方看上去超级dodgy,让我想到controlled marketing。你那时候只在下面没上去过,那地方真的是巨坑爹。比这里夸张很多,我也呆了半年了呢。


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