CC read Sunzi – Chapter 4

Now it’s chapter 4 of the book. It’s moving slower than I thought…-_-#  now that I have written 3 chapters, I don’t know if I now write faster but I definitely skip more now (hehehe)… But as said it still gives good enough introducution on the book. With full respect, the ancient Chinese language is too poetic and elegant so in whatever way I put it it spoiled the feeling…. So I decide to skip them and just write a summary♪(v^_^)vas Sunzi said, if I am not confident in winning the game, I should just refine myself and don’t attack until the chance to win is high.

—– here we go ——

Sunzi says: those who are good at fighting a war will first make themselves unbeatable, and then they will wait for a chance to defeat the enemy. We can only control our own army to remain ourselves unbeatable; whether our enemy can be defeated or not is actually under their control. 

When the enemy is not in a condition that can be defeated, we should do the best to defend (of course it’s silly to attack if we know we are at disadvantage). And when we are at advantage, we should just attack. We defend as if we are hidden underground and we attack as if we come out of air; this way we always keep ourselves alive and win the war.

Foreseeing the result of a war is nothing but everyone’s common sense; it doesn’t require a talent. Winning a war praised by everyone doesn’t require talent either. It’s like lifting a feather doesn’t require strong body, seeing sun & moon doesn’t require excellent eyesight, and hearing thunder doesn’t require good ear.

So those who are good at war does nothing but winning the enemy who can be easily defeated. They are not super smart or courageous; they just don’t make mistakes in the war. They win a won battle. They make themselves unbeatable and don’t miss the opportunity when enemy can be defeated. In summary the winning army know they can win before they fight and the losing army fight before they understand if they can win or not. Those who are good at war maintain good policy and rules, and hence they can manage the result of war.

In the art of war, the first step is to think, then measure, then count, then evaluate and then win the game. The idea is you win only when you analyze and are confident to win.

Meow says: defending is the first and foremost thing!

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