Colour changing shoes… Adidas Stan Smith

2 weeks ago I bought this pair of Adidas shoes and now that I have worn it for sometime, I can write a review of it.(^ω^)

As you see the shoes have a mint colour. Actually this tint won’t show up unless it’s under UV so I wonder if it will turn mint when it’s under a UV protect umbrella… also it can be a good tester for sunscreen. Looks like I just discovered a new use of these shoes!-_-# Didn’t realise it’s such a value for money….


Anyway apart from being a pair of UV tester, fortunately they also do good job as shoes and fit well (what a surprise).( ̄▽ ̄) I have been wearing them very often these days and they are comfortable to wear even for long distance walk. The soles are not too hard and they are not slippery on wet surfaces. I tried the shoes in store so the size works well too. So I would give a score of 90 for them. Hmmm apparently I don’t have high expectations but what else will you expect from a pair of shoes? Changing colour? And they even do that too!

Style-wise… the colour is a good choice for summer – white or mint, and goes well with everything. The surface is not smooth. They look like they have been crumpled by the Hulk.(ー ー;) There is no distinct Adidas logo and like most of the Stan Smith shoes it just has three dotted lines at the side.

The only part I would criticise is that the tongues are a bit rough. It’s a piece of single leather so they hurt when I wore them the first time (and the second and the third but now they fit well after 2 weeks).


Here is how they look differently. I think Adidas might also come up with a rainbow series and it changes colour based on the strength of UV… or they can just come up with different colours under sun. Not sure technically how hard it is.(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Maybe I should write to their customer service and they can give me a prototype as a gift! Meow~



4 thoughts on “Colour changing shoes… Adidas Stan Smith

  1. Yang, Michael says:

    Test comment via email.

    I really liked the idea of rainbow series, we definitely needs to write to them.

    Michael Yang
    Mobile: 0477364321


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