CC read Sunzi – Chapter 1

I have been reading Art of War by Sunzi for some time and think maybe I can share it in my own language. It’s not an official translation so leave any comment if you have any feedback please!(^_−)−☆

BTW I will update it twice a week.

—— Chapter 1 —–

Sunzi said: war is a big decision for country and a matter of live and death, so we have to plan it well. So Sunzi concluded 5 most important factors: reason for war, climate, landscape, leaders and rules.

Reason for war: people in country should be convinced and support the war. They should have no fear and can live or die with the country. Climate: weather and time. Landscape: geographic features and distance. Leaders: leads need to be smart, faithful, virtuous, brave and strict. Rules: managing system. We can only win when we master all 5 factors. Actually the result of war can be predicted by checking who has a better reason for war; who has a better leader; who has the right system (and some other examples).

If a leader follows my instructions, he will win so I shall keep him; if he doesn’t follow, he will lose and I shall let him go. Apart from the instructions, it’s also important to manage the situation. We should cheat our enemy in a war –  when we can we shall pretend that we cannot, when we are close we pretend that we are far (and some other examples).  Managing situation is also to strategy to enemies – when they are strong we should avoid them; when they are united we should break them down (and some other examples too…-_-#). We should attack in an unexpected way and when enemies are not ready, and not expose our plan early.

So before the war, if we use above rules to plan and we have better chance to win, then we probably will win; if we use above rules and plan and we have less chance to win, then we will probably lose. Even we plan we might lose, let alone if we don’t plan at all… Sunzi can tell the war by just looking at this.

Alpaca says: attack in an unexpected way!

—— below is the original text ——





5 thoughts on “CC read Sunzi – Chapter 1

  1. Jax says:


    This is the Tao behind any project. If you convert them into modern company culture it’s managerial planning. When we kick off a project, we need to understand “why” we do it. We need to manage external and internal stakeholders. We need to form the correct team. And we need to setup a right process.

    The WHY is so important, if you fully understand the WHY behind anything you do, it will be a very powerful driven force and source of confidence which will lead your project to success. This also correlates to my learning 2 weeks ago on the why-how-what model, extensive Ted talk link


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