I have a helicopter!^_^

Thanks to LEGO I own my first helicopter before 35. What a feeling….( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Anyway it’s an amazing 3 in 1 set – the price is around 45 AUD. Quite a bargain for a helicopter isn’t it? Even better! It actually gives a helicopter OR 2 other whatever crafts (see below). You can only choose 1 of those 3 to build – of course if you don’t mind dismounting them later you can try all of them later. Just bear in mind it’s LEGO not Jenga; so the bricks fit so well into each other that it will be quiet an effort to break it down – actually LEGO should invent something to help this (or they may just advise me to wear grooves…-_-#). One good thing about this pack is you have all 3 plans in booklet already. In some of other models they request you to download the plan, which is really a hassle. Well actually if they take 5 dollar off I am happy with downloading….$_$

Setting up the model itself is not too hard. The plan explains each step in great details – it shows difference colours, shapes and even 1:1 actual size; where necessary it even highlight the side so that you can get it 100% right. I would say it’s a good excercise to be patient and careful, as wrong assumptions will bite you back bitter. It’s hard to review and find what brick went wrong after several steps, as it might get covered by other bricks when you move on.

As mentioned the parts fit very well into each other; the design is very smart so a lot of gears and handlers are provided to control wings and other moving parts of the craft. Like below if I turn the end, I can see gears moving.

It’s actually quite exiting to see this small work progressing little by little and finally come in shape.

One tip here to make sure you follow the plan precisely – alway count. It’s important because there are spare parts so don’t take things for granted and use up everything. Like below if I had blindly used all pieces, the track would have been too long to fit on the viehcle. By counting how many pieces against the plan, the finish fits perfectly.

End to end it took me (and Mr. Apple who had problem in finding right bricks) 2 hours to finish this. Please ignore my messy desk but I would strongly recommend it as a weekend or evening fun at home.


One thought on “I have a helicopter!^_^

  1. Jax says:

    This set is actually more Lego if u know what I mean. It has those traditional Lego shaped bricks unlike our racing car……

    And did I just saw maple?


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