Love Live! 

These days I have been really addicted to this game called Love Live! School Idol Festival. The game is available free from iOS or Android and I would definitely recommend it for those who doesn’t want to spend lot of time & any money but still want to enjoy game on phone!

  • what’s the game?

In short it is a music + card collection game. You listen to the music and tap on rhythm. You also nurture the main characters by levelling up and up skilling them. The game is well designed (it is same quality animation) and maintained (it has frequent releases and events) so it’s not that type of dodge game with low resolution and lot of ads.

  • Why am I so addicted?

First of all you want to play good music. There are more than 60 songs currently released and each of them has 3 or more versions. It has achievement system so I want to hit high scores and full combos in all songs.

By doing this I also get either gold, friend points or heart, which can be transferred to cards. Frankly managing those cards become one of my current hobbies BECAUSE THEY ARE SO PRETTY!!!


Well none of the below cards belongs to me, and that’s why I keep playing so that I can acquire them one day. And the way to acquire them is not complicated at all. You just need a bit luck, a bit skill, a bit patience, and a bit time… Hmmm it’s not hard is it? -_-#

(Friendly note: the following part of the blog is for beginners who have tried the game, if you haven’t done it maybe download it and try 1 or 2 songs before so that I don’t sound nonsense to you.(≧∇≦))

So how to get cards? Through events and draw. Event will come up on front page. It gives you specific cards. As long as you play regularly it’s not a problem to win some SR cards. Drawing cards requires luck – you don’t know what will come out. Besides luck you also need: friend points, hearts or scouting vouchers. Friend points and hearts can be won by logging in, completing songs, achievements and event prizes. Hearts can also be won by maximising the bound of idolised members (this is the most common source of hearts apart of purchasing them). Similar to all draws in the world it’s a statistical game – you just need keep drawing. So prepare to make a lot of friend points and hearts. Below are the tips on how to get them:

Friend points: finish all levels of songs gives 500 points. When you are still using N cards it’s not easy to get S, so logically you should: finish all levels of a song -> get 500 friend points and scout -> idolise -> use idolised card and max bound -> get heart -> collect 50 hearts and scout -> get R or SR cards -> idolise R cards -> replace team with R or SR cards. Only then (when you have a team of all idolised R above members) you start aiming achievements like getting S, which gives 1k friend points and allows you draw 10 times like a Crown VIP.

Heart: this is the most valuable tool in the game. Unless you are super rich and willing to spend $40+ to buy 50 hearts, you should use it smartly. (But if you are happy to pay you can skip here=_=). DON’T USE HEART TO CONTINUE A SONG. CAREFULLY USE HEART TO REFILL LP (use it during event and if it can help win more hearts). Keep idolising your members and using ONLY idolised members as it gives heart. Also the daily ‘full combo’ goal is a MUST. It will come out when and only when you finish ‘practice 5 members’, ‘scout 3 times’ and ‘finish 5 songs’.

Once you have a decent collection of cards  you start managing them by ‘practising’. Well it’s just a nice term of feeding superior cards with those you have made most use of. The tip here is: to level up, always sort by attribute (smile, pure or cool) and feed top value ones. To skill up, you MUST feed card of same skill type (so if one card is ’17 combo recover 1′ and another one is ’15 combo increase 220′, the skill level won’t increase) and best work with same level (so if you feed lv 2 with lv2 it will definitely work; if you feed lv2 with lv1, it MIGHT work; if lv3 with lv1, I have never seen it working). Below is an example of sorting by smile – from experience anything less that 3800 is useless – so idolise it, max bound and ruthlessly sacrifice them! -_-#

Songs: there are 3 levels for most of songs and 4 or 5 for some of them. Try aiming at highest level unless you are working on a goal – it gives more experience, better achievement rewards and higher ranking in events (if you finish it properly). For example you use 5 LP to play easy level and get 15 EXP but you use 15 LP for hard and get 46 EXP and 25 LP for expert with 83 EXP. Also when choosing supporting members, choose those match song colour and says ‘increase drastically’, it will help you to get S in songs.( ̄▽ ̄)

In order to get better scores in songs, of course you need to tap accurately on time so don’t play it when your hands are cold or your connection is not stable with lot of lags. But in the end it’s not a hard core music game so there are some tricks. Firstly get a team with highest attribute value. As mentioned sorting your card by attribute and pick up top 7 to form the team. Basically a team of 40k+ attribute can help you get S in hard songs easily. Secondly try to get as many combos as you can. Every 50 combos give more scores on every rhythm. If you get 500 on perfect, you get 600 when it hits 50 combo. So it’s a big loss if you miss one and need to build up combo again. Thirdly  depending on your skill, pick up team member with right skills (but attribute value is still most important). Personally for me I think recovering stamina and easing window are the most useful ones. The former helps you finish expert+ songs and latter helps you getting perfects and combos.

In summary I do appreciate the producer who made such a fantastic poor-people-friendly game… I mean even though you don’t want to spend a cent you can still get all fancy cards, as long as you hold your faith, and I guess, your mobile…*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


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