Lane Cove National Park

Today I went to see water dragon. OK I went to Lane Cove park and saw water dragon there… Look I’d like to continue the blog to discuss the linguistic implications in above 2 statements but I have forgotten most of the theories. Hence I decide to share more about my experience with water dragon.

Sadly I don’t have much story with the lovely water dragon except we met each other today in Lane Cove National Park… If you haven’t been there – on high level it’s a great place easily accessible with lots of wildlife and barbecue (hmmm a bit weird to put those 2 things together). The riverside track there is a 5KM (one way) track friendly to all ages.

Lane Cove National Park

  • Location – 5: according to Wiki the park is in metropolitan Sydney it’s true. It’s close to Macquarie center so you don’t need to drive hours to get there.

  • Environment – 3.5: there is water in the park and lots of trees. It’s nice to walk alongside the river but you don’t expect it to be as fun as creeks and waterfalls. It’s very green though – as you can tell from the picture.

  • Wildlife – 4.5: water dragon is so cutie (even thought I thought it’s a lizard)! Ducks and turkeys can be spotted there too and they just walk nex to the barbecue spots! Very brave animals…….

  • Track – 4.5: the only reason why it’s not 5 is that you have to walk back! It’s not a loop where at the finish you (surprisingly) find your car in front of you… Other than that, very pleasant walk: not too long, not too hard, not too many steps, and surrounded by natural inhabitants.

  • Activity – 5: people can hire rowboat or petal boat… It’s around $30/hour or $40/day. Imagine you stay nice to ducks… Seems to be fun (if you can get the boat work).

Here are more friends in the park apart from the water dragon. It’s said to have fox and snakes but I didn’t see them – well I am not keen too anyway…( ̄▽ ̄)


One thought on “Lane Cove National Park

  1. appleattree says:

    A blog with very detailed information and nicely written, a job well done for such a hard topic.

    i especially liked the rating system and the pictures embedded in the blog.

    Since you rated so high on activity, we’ll definitely try kayaking next time.

    maybe you can explain to me the linguistic implications later?


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